Crystal Wall Lighting-The buzzword for homeowners

Lighting forms a vital aspect of the interior decoration process. Your home can look inviting and cozy to guests only if it has a sufficient amount of illumination. Crystal chandeliers have always been a popular option for homeowners for use  as a lighting source on their ceiling walls. This is because it lends an old world charm to the room. Here are some ways in which you can select a crystal chandelier which enhances the look of your room:-

First, measure the floor area within your room. Also take into account the distance between the floor and your ceiling wall. As crystal chandeliers are quite big in size, you should install them in rooms with high ceilings. Height is a major factor that you will need to pay more attention to, so as to ensure that you room doesn’t look cluttered with furniture.

living room crystal chandelier

If you are planning to install the crystal chandelier in your room living room, then you will need to measure the distance between the ceiling and table. This will help you to take the size of the appropriate lighting fixture for installation. The chandelier design should go well with the decor theme of the room.

If you prefer a vintage look, then crystal chandelier would be the ideal wall lighting source. However, if you want to add a rustic charm to your room then antler chandeliers would be a better option. Mini chandeliers are ideal for use in the hallway.

So how would you install a chandelier? While looking for the best spot in your home to hang your crystal chandelier, compare its size with the size of your room. If you  have a medium sized room, then you should go for a small sized chandelier.

While installing the chandelier, check its weight. If you find that it doesn’t match with the weight of the present lighting fixture, then it would be wise for you not to replace the ceiling junction box. On the other hand, if it is heavy, then you will have to buy and install a new ceiling box that can support the weight of the chandelier.

Then, disconnect the power plug connected to it. You can check whether the electricity is out with the help of a circuit tester. Remove the old fixture and find out the way it was installed by using tapes to mark the wear. At the next step, you will need to install a hardware to the mounting strap. Screw the mounting strap to the junction box. Twist the wire in a clockwise direction. You can also take the help of the manufacturer’s manual for other details related to installation.