Decoration themes with modern ceiling lights

The look of a room speaks volumes about the decor tastes and preferences of its owner. To bring about a change in ambiance of your room, you need to choose ceiling lights with care. If you have a low ceiling, then it would be wise to avoid using chandeliers as they are more suitable for installation in rooms with high ceilings and sufficient space. Feature pendants are a better option since it distributes light equally to all parts of the room. It is better to use these lighting fixtures in rooms that require a sufficient amount of light.

Installing lighting fixtures in rooms with small ceilings is often a big challenge. If your rooms have low ceilings, then you will need to make sure that the lighting is installed on the ceiling. Flush mounts could be a good option for use in such rooms. They are most suitable for installation in rooms with ceilings that are 7 feet high or even lower. On the other hand, if you are planning to instal semi-flush fixtures then you should opt for ceilings that have a height between 7 and 9 feet high. Both fixtures offer ambient lightmodern ceiling lights

You can also consider installing recessed lighting fixtures in your ceiling. It is suitable for lighting rooms with low ceilings. While selecting the color of the lighting fixtures, you will have to assess whether the paint color of the room belongs to the cool or warm color part of color spectrum. If the room is painted in bright colors like yellow, then you will need to go for a warmer lighting fixture. On the other hand, if it is painted in blue or green, then a brighter, cooler light source would be the best option.

The color temperature of the lighting fixture isn’t the only factor that influences the way we see color. The brightness of light or lumen is also an important aspect. Rooms with dark paints absorb a greater amount of light as compared to the ones with light shades. However, they look dull if there isn’t sufficient light. The greater the brightness of lighting, the better will be the look of the paint on your wall.